Monday, November 12, 2012

Well someday back, while writing a Visualforce page I came across a situation where I have to convert a string to Id. I tried to check methods for "Id" but couldn't find any thing well after lot tries I actually figured out a way to convert "string" to "Id".

It is super easy, you just need to follow the following code :

 String strId = 'a08A000000ZdZYk';  
 Id myId = strId;  

Hope this helps.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

[Live Demo]

Please Note : A Newer Version of this Package is available here

Well working with visualforce pages, I was always tempted to replace the boring lookup field with a autocomplete component which searches the records as we enter text in them. 

So I sat done and wrote a component for my visualforce pages to replace the boring lookup fields dialogs with autocomplete component.

Few features of the autocomplete component
  • Uses Jquery UI to create the autocomplete component.
  • Look And Feel - Has exactly same look and feel as native components
  • Uses Js Remoting to populate data and hence the component is very fast and light weight.
  • Configurable : The search field can be configured to search fields other than "Name" field. Even the value that is returned to controller can be configured return fields other than record Id.
How to use the component in you Visualforce page?

<c:Autocomplete labelField="Name" valueField="Id" SObject="Contact" targetField="{!targetFieldCon}" /> 

  • labelField : The field which is displayed in the component  and against which matching is done with the entered text. In above code snippet Name is displayed in the autocomplete component.
  • valueField : The field value which is passed back to targetfield when a record is selected.
  • targetField : The field from controller where the selected values is set.
  • SObject : The sobject Api Name against which matching/query is done.
For demo purpose you can check the "autocomplete" vf page that is included in package. This page demonstrates the use of the autocomplete component for different sObjects.

Screen : 

Please Note : A Newer Version of this Package is available here
Package Link :