Sort-able Pageblock Table Component for Visualforce Pages v1.1

Thursday, August 23, 2012

This Version is no more actively developed and is deprecated. But we have developed two more Alternatives for the same which are much more fun and easy to implement

This is minor change to my Sortable Pageblock Table Component. This change adds some cosmetic changes like the "legendary" up and down arrow to so the direction of sorting.

If you haven't read about this component earlier you can always have a quick glance to my earlier post here .
(You can find details about implementing in the blog)

You can check the live demo from here(

Give the Code:
Well you can install the package from here (



  1. Replies
    1. Hi,

      its not sorting in the sandbox, also there are no arrows displayed which i click table headers, i have installed latest package. do you know what might be the reason.

    2. It should be working. Please check the demo here ( For further analysis can you check the console for any error?.

  2. Hi,
    it doesn't work with Date fields.

  3. Hi,

    It is an awesome feature and working fine with all the fields except boolean values.
    Any ideas...


    1. Well I think I have marked this one as deprecated can you try the new components that are highlighted at the top of the blog ?

    2. Hi Avinava,
      Thank you for your response.I have installed Pageblock Table Enhancer (2.25).
      Could you please suggest me which one I need to use to make it work...

      Thanks in advance

    3. I need your help badly Avinava..Am sitting on this particular task for long time and not yet get any good way to sort all these columns...

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. One update..I have installed Pageblock Table Enhancer ADV from this link and now the boolean sorting is working.
      But one of my column has value with link,

      to create link am just using apex:outputLink link inside of apex:column...

      Simply the arrow is getting changed but the sorting is not working with field..What could be the problem...?
      If am using simple apex:column it is sorting it...Any advice...


  4. I want the arrows to be displayed only when column header is clicked.
    How can i achieve that?
    I have used div tags for column headers....Kindly help