Sort-able Pageblock Table Component for Visualforce v2.0 - Now With Pagination(Sneak Peak)

Note : A newer version of this plugin is released please check the same by clicking on this link

I started working on this component as a part of my client requirement for giving a Pageblock  Table capability to sort columns by clicking the column header. That was the initial version of the component from the initial version of this component there was not much change but only few minor cosmetic changes.

Well currently am working on a newer version of this component that adds a client side pagination to the Pageblock Table. This post is just sneak peak of the component, about what is coming.
Here is a screenshot of a Pageblock generated by the new Component.

You can check the live demo of the new component here :

Demo And Installation / Unmanaged Package:

Would like to really gather some feedback about the component what do you think and what can be included into this component.


  1. Excellent table....wish you could share the code also. There are several custom things like icons and other formatting one would need.

    1. try this out. This post was just a seak peak, the link I shared contains a managed package. You can install it and customize it according to need