MapMyObject - The mapping component!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Well finally with time I am learning a thing or two about creating apps. Yes apps, I always tried to build some apps that can be used by different developers/ clients. Although todays topic "MapMyObject" was never going to be app, it was just an experiment to create a reusable component to integrate Google Maps with and guess what ? the initial results were awesome!. This inspired me a lot to convert this one into a app that can pull Geolocation Data(lat/lang) from any Sobject into a Google maps, where you can visualize them, edit them and even create new records.

Today I am releasing a beta version of this "MapMyObject" which can be installed in a DE org or in a sandbox.

Some of the features

  • Visualize data from any Sobject into a Google Map
  • Edit records from Map
  • Create new records from Map
  • Highly configurable : You can select permission based on Config/Custom Settings, whether a particulat map will allow editing, creation of new record or view existing records.
  • Uses Google Maps API V3
Some Screens
Showing Records

Create New Record

Update Records

Well there are lot more possibilities with this app/component like dashboards, demographics,  Data distribution map.  Well that was lot of bragging about the app! to install the same and to know more about the app please follow the below link : 


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