Textscanner - A visualforce natural language reading component

For quite sometime I have been playing with JS libraries and Visuaforce to build some useful UI components, Textscanner is one of the component that has emerged from the same experiment.

What is Textscanner ?

Textscanner is Visualforce implementation of Knwl.js natural language reading library. You can read about the same here https://github.com/loadfive/Knwl.js . What Texscanner does is wrap this nice little library with the help of visualforce components.

What it can do ?

Textscanner with the help of Knwl.js can scan through the passed text and can extract important information and spit them out in a nice little interface

  • Phone Numbers 
  • Links 
  • Emotion 
  • Date 
  • Time 
  • Email 
  • Places 
  • Hastags

How to use it ?

The syntax is very simple, 


Support Center / Call center executive has to interact with many customers daily and they really need to have the key information handy from a lengthy description. So solve this we can create an inline VF page CaseScanner in our case using TextScanner and include the same in Case Detail page layout.

Where can you use it ?

  • Extracting notes from lengthy text
  • Telephone transcripts
  • Case comments
  • Product Descriptions
  • Descriptions