Salesforce trailhead is here for a while, but I somehow avoided it , but finally decided into jumping into the same. There is whole big list of modules in there but the one that certainly draw me to itself was Visualforce Mobile !

Trailhead really a fun way to learn stuff about platform, and really presents the concepts well.

About the Visualforce Mobile Module

This module takes you from Basic to advanced custom css to suite the look and feel of Salesforce1. It covers all of them !

  • A quick getting started
  • A quick small tour to using Salesforce RemoteObjects in visualforce pages.
  • Using global Actions
  • Talks a lot of bot Salesforce1 design and StyleGuide. Mainly focused about how to make your pages mobile 
  • Also the one-starter library
  • And finally a bit about different JS libraries like AngularJS , Ionic and Bootstrap

Why its important ?

Well trailhead is really well compiled module, and I wish I had covered this a bit before ! I have already covered similar topics in my past but it still looks fresh. At the end of the day on mobile UX does matters. A mobile user definately wants the information to be presented in a well organized manner. Something like

Trailhead was a really fun experience and awesome way to learn the Mobile Visualforce pages ! And hey there are lot many modules in there. Here are the few from my todo list

You can read them all here


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